Winter Vegetable Pipe Rigate

Winter Vegetable Pasta

Chad is constantly asking me to make pasta.  I swear the guy could live off spaghetti and Prego sauce alone.  When we started dating buttered noodles were one of the only three foods he ate (along with pizza, and turkey sandwiches with no cheese or mayo – ugh!).  We once got into a fight over an anniversary dinner where he ordered 3 different variations of the same boring pasta dish.  If he wanted this relationship to work, he was going to have to expand his culinary horizons.  Since then, he has expanded his palate immensely!  Regardless of all his progress he still begs me to make pasta.  And for the record, I LOVE pasta – the difference now is that I can have a little fun with the kinds of pasta I cook.  So, no more buttered noodles – now we’re enjoying delicious dishes like Winter Vegetable Pipe Rigate!

cauliflower and acorn squash seed the acorn squash chop the acorn squash chop the cauliflower And when I say winter vegetables I’m talking roasted acorn squash and cauliflower, flavored with sage, over pasta, with a dollop of ricotta… WHAT?!  This pasta has similar flavors to a butter-nut squash ravioli, but you get to bite into big roasted chunks of delicious acorn squash and cauliflower.

saute shallots and sage

If you’ve never roasted acorn squash or cauliflower you MUST do so immediately.  There’s something about roasting these veggies in the oven that draws out their flavors and makes them melt in your mouth.

boil pasta and bake the vegetables

The pasta is tossed with the roasted vegetables, a simple sage infused sauce, and pecorino romano cheese to create a savory, warm, and homey pasta that is filled with flavor.  The icing on the cake is a large dollop of ricotta cheese.  The cheese melts into the pasta and gives it a cool and creamy texture that totally complements the sage, winter vegetable goodness.  And best of all it’s 100% Chad approved – sans cheese of course (double ugh)!  Needless to say, we’ve come a LONG way from Prego and buttered noodles!  Enjoy!
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Winter Vegetable Pasta

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