Welcome to Forage and the Feast!


Welcome to Forage and the Feast – A city girl’s green market adventures and the inevitable feast that follows.

My name is Leigh Diacont.  I am a busy young professional, living in Manhattan, who loves nothing more than eating my way through the city.  I think about what’s for dinner tomorrow as I take the last bite of dinner tonight. I spend way more time than I should reading food blogs and recipe websites given that I have a demanding full time job in the ad industry. I adore food shopping so much that I don’t mind that snaking line through the Union Square Trader Joes – yikes!  I love fresh, seasonal vegetables. Most of my meals are based on what looks good in the produce section.  But don’t worry, I am not all health and greenery! Cheese is my one true love (next to my husband) and I often battle an all-consuming sweet tooth.  I spend a lot of time in spin classes working it off!

Four months ago I married my wonderful husband, Chad, and right after the wedding we battled the insane Manhattan real estate market and moved to a new apartment. So here I am catching my breath at the start of 2014 with a bursting culinary appetite and a new apartment that has a real kitchen! You have to be a New Yorker to fully understand the novelty of a real kitchen. I’m not saying it’s big, and anyone who doesn’t live in the city would look at my shiny new kitchen ans say… “really? That’s what you think a real kitchen is?!”  Well, excuse me, but YES! It has a dishwasher for one! And an oven that has a light so you can watch as your baking! And, it has a large enough pantry to store some (not all) of the cooking supplies that we received off our wedding registry. I’m in business people!

But I haven’t told you the best part of all. Our apartment is just east of one of my favorite places in all of Manhattan – the Union Square Farmer’s Market.  I am just steps from all the freshest, most delicious, local foods a NYC girl could eat. So this year I invite you to follow me as I eat my way through the Farmer’s Market. Each week I will take a trip to the market and bring home one seasonal product to inspire one delicious recipe to share with you. One week, one local food find, one culinary creation. Together we can cook and eat through the seasons! So dust off your sauté pan, invest in a new re-usable grocery bag (mine is BAGGU!), and join me in eating local!

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