The Ultimate Beet Pizza

Beet Pizza

This week is the week of beets!

Why?  Because over the weekend my girl at the Norwich Meadow Farm stand in Union Square told me the most mind blowing thing – YOU CAN EAT BEET GREENS!  And not only can you eat them, but they are very similar to kale and chard!  How did I not know this!?  Did you know this?

After making this discovery I went a little beet-crazy and bought two giant bunches of red and golden beets.  So, this week I have two delicious beet recipes to share and we will find out just how many beets one girl can eat.


As you can imagine, I immediately jumped on the internet and started researching everything beet greens and I found that they are extremely versatile.  They truly can be used interchangeably with kale and chard.  And O-M-G are they delicious!  They are slightly less tough than Kale and have a nutty flavor that I haven’t tasted anywhere else.

beet green

The recipe that resulted from all this beet research is an A-MAZING way to use both the beets and their greens.  It started with my hankering to make something involving pizza dough.   One very good thing about living in NYC is the pizza dough. Any pizza place will sell you a fresh piece of non-cooked dough for about $3-$5.  I’m sorry if you like making it yourself, but after many hours spent struggling to replicate the dough from down the street, I’ve given up.  Don’t waste your time – there is a reason why NYC has the best pizza in the world.  So patronize your local pizza guy from around the corner and love every bite of your pizza dough.  Trust me, this recipe has plenty of a homemade feel that you don’t need to make your own dough too.

pizza dough

I then decided to make beet green pesto for the pizza sauce.  I know you’re thinking “What did you say?  Beet green pesto?”  I’m going to ask that you trust me here – TRY IT!  I used hazelnuts instead of pignoli nuts and fresh grated parmesan cheese – it’s seriously amazing. I’ve been raving about it for days now.  I know I’m often overly enthusiastic when it comes to this stuff but beet green pesto gets me ultra-excited!  I LOVE pesto, but beet green pesto might have the traditional-basil version, well, beet :-) .

Beet Green Pesto

I then roasted up my beautiful red and golden beets.  Who doesn’t love a roasted beet?  Their natural sugars come out and they become both sweet and savory – absolutely delish!

roasted beets

While you are making your pesto, par-bake the dough until its almost done.  This will ensure that the dough is crispy and, since there is no mozzarella cheese to melt, the pizza only needs to be in the oven for a few minutes with it’s toppings on.

Beet Pizza

Now for the fun part!  Coat your dough generously with the pesto and top with the roasted beets and dollops of fresh ricotta cheese.  How I LOVE my ricotta cheese!

beet pizza fresh

Finish it up in the oven, sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese, and EAT.  The combination of the nutty beet green pesto, the sweet roasted beets, the creamy and mild ricotta, and salty parmesan is probably as mind blowing as finding out you can eat beet greens in the first place! So give this recipe a try and invite me over for dinner because I can’t get enough of this Ultimate Beet Pizza!
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beet pizza with parm
Beet Pizza

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Beet Pizza

  1. Gina

    Yum!! Now I have to go out in search of beets to roast- both beet recipes look amazing, I LOVE beets! Unfortunately, in my house I’m the only beet lover. Leigh! Thanks.

    1. Post author

      So glad you like the recipes!!! You should definitely try them – thanks for the feedback!

  2. Sue DeFrancesco

    Wow that Beet Pizza looks great! When I was a kid I could not even look at beet let alone eat one, but over the years I have grown to love them. They are so good for you too. Thanks Leigh for the recipe!!


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