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Fresh Corn Polenta with Steak, Parmesan, Arugula & Tomato

Fresh Corn Polenta with Steak

The realization that we’re halfway through August is making me feel a little panicy.  There’s just a few precious weeks of summer left and I feel like I’ve hardly touched the surface of everything I want to do.  I really need to go through my closet and make sure I wear all my whites and brights before Labor Day.  I need to get up early on the weekends and spend every free second I have soaking in the sun and swimming in the ocean.  I haven’t even taken my yearly happy hour trip to the Frying Pan or ANY roof-top bar… like what have I been doing!?  And most importantly I need to consume as many local summer vegetables as humanly possible before it’s too late.  I’ve been a little manic running from tent to tent at the market buying up every delicious veg that I can get my hands on.  I’m talking WAY more than any respectable couple could eat in a week.  But I NEED to – when I think of the slim pickings in mid-winter it me makes throw in a few extra zucchini before I even know what hit me.  If there is any local eat that I’m feeling particularly frantic about it’s CORN and TOMATOES.  I realize this is my second corn and tomato recipe, but corn and tomatoes ONLY taste good fresh-picked in the summertime and I need to enjoy them while I have them!  This Fresh Corn Polenta with Steak, Parmesan, Arugula & Tomato recipe is an awesome summer meal that highlights both corn and tomatoes beautifully.  Topped with steak right off the grill, Parmesan and arugula, it’s so good you’ll totally understand why I’m starting to panic!

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Mexican Street Corn Wedge Salad

Mexican street corn wedge salad

I’m back from a two week hiatus!  Sometimes you just need a little break and summertime is the perfect time to do it.  I had a pretty awesome break – I just got back from ten days in Portugal and my goodness did I eat and drink my way through that country.  Between the cheese, olives, and bread served before every meal, and the fresh caught grilled seafood, I was in glutinous heaven.   The wine was cheap, plentiful, and delicious and I drank at least a carafe with every meal.  I’m pretty sure that life with lunches of fresh grilled squid kabobs and a glass of rose is way better than that of microwaved veggie burgers at my desk… sigh.   Even though a diet of cheese and seafood it literally all I could ask for in life, my one grievance was the lack of fresh vegetables.  Portuguese menus focus mostly on seafood or pork with a side a steamed potatoes.  Though delicious, when I got home I was dying for a giant American sized salad.  The day after we got back I went to the market to see what was fresh and I was reminded that in the two weeks I was gone we were launched into Jersey corn and tomato season – The best time of year as far as I’m concerned!  On top of that, there were about 30 different kinds of lettuce to choose from.  This Mexican Street Corn Wedge Salad recipe is made with 100% farmer’s market veggies and totally got me back on track after 10 days of a mainly seafood diet.  I’m really excited about this one people.  I’m so excited that I’m hardly thinking about the fact that I’m sitting in my windowless office rather than bathing in the sun on the beautiful beaches of the Portuguese Algarve…ok not really, but this salad’s ALMOST that good!
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Roasted Cod with Fennel, Grape Tomatoes, and Olives

roasted cod and farro

I’m going to make a profound statement:

You can make a restaurant quality meal that is healthier and more delicious for under $10 per serving in only 20 minutes.

Yes I said it!
I love to go out to eat as much as anyone, especially living in New York where there are more amazing restaurants than you could ever visit in a lifetime.  But, restaurants are expensive and last year was a big year for me.  Between the wedding, the honeymoon, and the holidays, I need to conserve my cash.  I’m also desperately trying to stave off the “newlywed nine,” and the extra butter and salt that restaurants tend to take such liberties with are probably not the best for me right now.  The problem is, no matter how expensive and unhealthy restaurants may be, eating out is still fun, delicious and much easier than making an intense and messy meal at home.  Well, I’m here to solve all your problems people!  This Roasted Cod with Fennel, Grape Tomatoes, and Olives is as good as any $30 restaurant entree and cost me less than $10 per serving.  It’s also mess-free, super healthy, and beyond delicious!

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