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Steamed Clams and Mussels in a Spicy, Herb, White Bean, Red Sauce

clams and mussels Sometimes the city gets to be a little much and I just need to GET OUT.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but sometimes I need to breath in fresh air and exist in a space that is larger than the size of a coat closet.  So last weekend I hopped over the Hudson and visited my parents in New Jersey.  Many people think NJ is made up of 100% oil refineries and mob owned “Badda Bings”.  Yes, those do exist, but there are actually some really beautiful rural parts of the state, one of them being the town my parents live in.  The highlight of going home, for me, is their kitchen.  It’s 10 TIMES larger than my little shoebox kitchen and there is every culinary gadget you’d ever need.  Plus my mom and I love cooking together.  So this week I’m serving you this AWESOME Clams and Mussels recipe fresh from the Garden State!
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