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Potato Pigskin Bites

Potato Pigskin Bites I know I’ve been VERY MIA lately, I’m feeling pretty bad about it.  With my new job and new apartment I’ve been super busy and preoccupied.  So I am grateful to Super Storm Juno or #whatabustblizzard for giving me a bonus day where I can catch up on everything I’ve been behind on.  And that means some time for Forage and the Feast.  It’s perfect timing because the Super Bowl is this Sunday and I have the absolute perfect recipe for you to make for your party.  I call these Potato Pigskin Bites – pigskin, well, because they’re for football and there’s bacon involved and the Potato part is the same recipe as my Smashed Whole Potato Chips that I posted last year.  Basically I took all the flavors and ingredients that go into a potato skin and turned them into little bites perfect for passing out during your Super Bowl festivities. Continue reading

Spring Onion Pasta Carbonara

ramp pasta carbonara

Anyone who was friends with me in college knows about my Pasta Carbonara.  Every night after the bars closed the whole gang would stumble back to my house where I, being the enthusiastic chef and constantly hungry person that I am, would whip up some Pasta Carbonara.  You probably think I’m crazy and that Pasta Carbonara is a totally bizarre-O meal to make for post-bar late-night eats, but the truth is, it’s extremely simple to make and the perfect food to satisfy your munchies.  This Spring Onion Pasta Carbonara recipe calls on inspiration from my old college self and adds a touch of the more refined forager of the present to make a truly delectable meal that both the late-night-eat-everything-in-your-fridge you and the mature I-only-eat-organic you will love!

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