Spicy Peanut Coconut Noodles

1 noodle dinner

I’ve spent every summer since I was born down at the Jersey Shore.  My family has a place in a small little beach community that’s 8 blocks long and where everyone know everyone.  It’s the kind of place where families have been friends for generations.   My grandparents’ friends are the parents of my parents’ friends who are the parents of my friends.  It’s my favorite place in the world and I’ve formed so many close friendships there.  I haven’t seen many of them since Labor Day AND I MISS THEM!  So I’m counting down the days to Memorial Day and cooking summery foods to get me there.  These Spicy Peanut Coconut Noodles are served cold and are the perfect food to get you through the last haul until summer.  And did I mention that they are INSANELY, AMAZINGLY, STUPENDOUSLY DELICIOUS!?

peanut butter and coconut milk Spicy peanut coconut sauce pasta Spicy peanut coconut  noodles pork shrimp They are SO delicious, I don’t have a large enough vocabulary to tell you how delicious they are – you are just going to have to try them.  The beauty of this recipe is that the Spicy Peanut Coconut Sauce is so easy to make.  You whisk together the few ingredients for the sauce, toss it with whole wheat cappellini, and put it in the fridge to chill.  You then add whatever raw vegetables that you want and some meat and BEHOLD the best summery noodle dish you’ve ever tasted!

spicy peanut coconut noodles

My farmer’s market find this week was Daikon.  Daikon is a radish found in East Asia, but some of the farms in the area are able to grow it locally.  I julienned it and tossed it in with my noodles.  The bitter flavor and the crunchy consistency went perfectly with the noodles. If you can’t find Daikon, regular radish slices or thinly sliced jicama can be used as substitutes.
 noodles for dinner

If you’re like me and need a little summertime therapy, you’d be surprised to find out how much a delicious dish with summery flavors can brighten your mood.  I loved these noodles so much that I made them twice in the same week.  Summer IS coming but not soon enough – you need these in your life!
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 noodles dinner



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