Smashed Whole Potato Chips

Smashed whole potato chips

When you were a kid didn’t you wish you could eat potato chips for dinner?
“Forget those mushy potatoes Ma, I want some Lay’s Ruffles on the side of my pot roast!” Come on, wouldn’t that be your 10-year-old-self’s dream come true?

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market potato

Well this week, when I found these adorable little potatoes at the Farmer’s Market I decided to indulge the kid in me.  The only thing good about not being a kid anymore is that you can make your own decisions – “Well Ma! I’m eating potato chips for dinner!”

Tiny Potatoes

Ok, so I’m not actually going to sit-down an eat a bagful of Ruffles for dinner, as much as I may want to.  One crappy thing about not being a kid anymore is that my metabolism is definitely not what it used to be – sigh.  However, I came up with a delicious and surprisingly healthy solution. Yes! Healthy chips! And actually, sorry Lay’s, but I find these chips to be even tastier than the bag-variety.  Coming from a veg-loving, farmer’s market forager like myself I love being able to eat a chip and actually taste the potato that it’s made of.  And with these Smashed Whole Potato Chips you can do just that without missing the salty, crispy-ness that you’re looking for.

Boiling the potatoes

First you boil the potatoes whole until they are soft enough to stick a fork into. Then smash them with the palm of your hand so they are flat, coat them with olive oil and season them with black pepper and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

dry pototoes

Let’s talk about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for just one second.  Since the only seasoning used on these chips is salt and pepper I wanted my salt to provide the best flavor possible.  When there are only a few ingredients in a recipe, the few flavors that you use really stand out and good quality ingredients make all the difference.  Himalayan Sea Salt is a rock salt found in Pakistan that is high in minerals and, yes, is pink. We hear all the time about how bad salt is for you, but the fact is high quality sea salt, eaten in moderation, is really good for you.  Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has essential minerals used to balance electrolytes, support proper nutrient absorption, eliminates toxins, and more.  So now that you learned something today, and know how healthy these potato chips are going to be, the real reason I’m using this salt is because it tastes oh-so-good!  It has a slightly different, almost flowery flavor, and the larger crystals give great texture that hits your tongue sporadically rather than all at once.  Ok. I’m done preaching.  Just trust me – its good!

smash potatoes

Anyway, once you smash the boiled potatoes with the palm of your hand, line them up in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake them for about 20-25 mins in a 450 degree oven.

roasted smashed potatoes

What you come out with are these amazingly, crispy, salty, crunchy chips that are as low fat as the olive oil you put on them.

Smashed whole potato chips

They are a great side to any meal and will fulfill all your potato-chip-for-dinner childhood fantasies!

chips for dinner

 “See Ma!? You raised me right!”

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