Shishito Peppers with Lime and Agave

shishito peppers with lime and agave

When Chad and I go out to eat, nine times out of ten we go out for asian food.  Whether it’s Sushi, Chinese, Ramen, Thai or Korean we love it all.  Since we moved to the East Village we’ve become huge fans of Japanese food.  There’s a little area in the East Vill that has a high concentration of Japanese restaurants.  I’m not only talking about sushi (that’s a given and we eat it at least once a week) but we’ve discovered ramen, soba, izakaya, yakitori, shabu-shabu, udon, and the list goes on.  Every Japanese restaurant specializes in a different cuisine and we’ve had so much fun trying a new one each time we eat out.  Like so much fun that we are semi-mulling over the idea of a trip to Japan this year.  Trip halfway across the world just to eat? I think so!   I first tried Shishito peppers at a ramen restaurant and fell in love.   And apparently the rest of New York has fallen too because I’ve seen them on several non-japanese menus AND I found them this week at the farmers market.  I’m smelling the start of a trend here people.   Actually, when I went back to the market a few days later to see if I could get another batch of Shishito they were sold out – so I think the trend has already begun.  So get trendy with me this week and try this recipe – it’s like totally in!

shishito peppers shishito peppers shishito peppers shishito peppers

So the questions is – what is a Shishito pepper?  It’s basically a Japanese variety of a green pepper that’s about the size of your finger.   I prepared mine blistered and softened in a cast iron skillet and flavored with lime and agave nectar.  Though the peppers look spicy they are actually mild with just a zing of spice.  That way you can eat as many as you like without burning a hole in your palate.  The lime adds a tangy citrus component that is complemented well with the sweetness of the agave.  These peppers are sweet, spicy, tangy, salty and I promise they will surprise you with how delicious that are.  Similar to edemame, they are served best as a little bite before your main meal.  If you’ve never had a Shishito pepper, now is the time to try them.   Before long you will be considering a trip to Japan too!
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shishito agave


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