Potato Pigskin Bites

Potato Pigskin Bites I know I’ve been VERY MIA lately, I’m feeling pretty bad about it.  With my new job and new apartment I’ve been super busy and preoccupied.  So I am grateful to Super Storm Juno or #whatabustblizzard for giving me a bonus day where I can catch up on everything I’ve been behind on.  And that means some time for Forage and the Feast.  It’s perfect timing because the Super Bowl is this Sunday and I have the absolute perfect recipe for you to make for your party.  I call these Potato Pigskin Bites – pigskin, well, because they’re for football and there’s bacon involved and the Potato part is the same recipe as my Smashed Whole Potato Chips that I posted last year.  Basically I took all the flavors and ingredients that go into a potato skin and turned them into little bites perfect for passing out during your Super Bowl festivities. boil potatoes smash potatoes grate cheese roast potatoes Don’t you remember my Smashed Whole Potato Chips  from last year?  Tiny potatoes boiled, then smashed, and baked until crispy and delicious enough to eat as chips?  Well these are the base of today’s recipe.  Once the potatoes are baked and crispy I melt cheese on them and topped them with a dollop of sour cream, bacon crumbles, and a sprinkling of chives.  The result is this crunchy, salty, creamy, cheesy, smoky, bite sized Potato Pigskin that is so tasty you and your guests will be popping them all night! potato pigskin bites So use this Juno bonus day wisely and start preparing for Sunday with a new (and maybe slightly more sophisticated?) take on the classic potato skin.  These Potato Pigskin Bites are SUPER enough to do the day justice and might even be a bigger hit than Katy Perry’s supposedly “epic” entrance. Enjoy!
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