Pomegranate Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Sun-chokes, Brussels, and Mushrooms

Pomegranate Glazed Pork Valentine’s Day is here and I can’t help but look back on my first Valentine’s Day with Chad.  I was a senior in college and Chad, a year older than me, had recently moved to New York.  We googled “best restaurant to spend Valentine’s Day in NYC,” chose a restaurant, and made reservations a month in advance.  I got all dressed up, drove in from school, and when we arrived at the restaurant we were a little bit shocked – the adorable West Village restaurant was turned into a Valentines day madhouse.  It was way over-packed – I swear they squeezed a few extra tables into an already cramped space.  But worst of all, the place was covered with every cheesy Valentine’s Day decoration that you can buy at Duane Reade.  There were pink and red glittery cupids and heart balloons all over the place.  The meal was a special pre-fixed menu that was way expensive and not all that inspiring.  To top it off, the service sucked.  After this, we decided to save our special dining-out-dinner for another night and make a Valentine’s dinner at home.  That was seven Valentine’s Days ago, and since then we’ve made some really delicious meals.
This Valentine’s Day I’ve got you covered!  This Pomegranate Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Sun-chokes, Brussels, and Mushrooms recipe will save you from the dining-out Valentine’s Day madness and is simple enough that it will leave lots of time for romance! xo

sun-choke It very much helps in the romance department that this week’s farmer’s market find is considered by some to be an aphrodisiac.  The sun-choke, also known as the Jerusalem Artichoke, is a member of the sun flower family.  Though the sun-choke has no relation to the artichoke, it’s taste slightly resembles that of an artichoke, hence the name.  They are crunchy and a little bit sweet. You can eat them raw as a substitute for water chestnuts, or cooked in cream soups, or roasted.  Here they are sauteed in a cast iron skillet.
ingredients Since the sun-choke’s flavor is pretty mild they go with almost anything.  In this recipe I paired them with an assortment of mushrooms and shaved brussel sprouts.  I then tossed it in an unreal dressing made of maple syrup, fresh sage, lemon, and dijon mustard.  It’s sweet and savory and tart all at once – the perfect side for the tangy pomegranate roasted pork!

chopped sun-chokes

orange in sauce The deliciousness of this meal was covered but I needed to make it look Valentine’s-y too.  RED is the color of love, Valentine’s Day, and Pomegranates!  Pomegranates have such a deep, beautiful, red color that they make this meal really festive – not to mention that they go really well with the Pork.  With orange zest added to this ruby red pomegranate glaze it becomes zesty, sexy, romantic and delicious.

brush tenderloin

saute brussels mushrooms sunchokes Valentine’s day is all about quality time with the one you love (and lots of chocolate – hint hint Chad!).   This meal is gourmet and easy to make – the red pomegranates will help to secure the Valentine’s Day vibe and the sun-chokes (aphrodisiac and all) will help you get the lovin’ your looking for!  So give your honey a kiss from me and enjoy your V-Day meal!!!
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Valentine's Day Dinner

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