Lamb Meatball Sliders

Lamb Meatball Sliders! The other night I had an impromptu dinner party. Chad was going to be away and what I thought was going to be a night of eating breakfast for dinner (my go to meal when he is gone) and catching up on some DVR’d episodes of Vampire Diaries (guilty!) quickly turned into a bring-a-bottle-of-wine-and-I’ll-make-dinner-kind of night with the girls.  Luckily I just went on a Farmer’s Market binge over the weekend so I had lots of supplies in the apartment.   The recipe that resulted from this impromptu evening of catching up with the girls turned out to be totally blog-worthy.   These Lamb Meatball Sliders are fun, light, tasty and sophisticated – the perfect meal to eat between girl-chat and multiple glasses of vino!

Catskill Merino Lamb Like I said, I went on a absolute Farmer’s Market binge over the weekend – not only did I buy tons of veggies but I stocked up on all sorts of cool organic meats.   I was in forager heavan talking to the farm owners about their products.  I purchased this ground lamb from Catskill Merino Lamb witch is located in up-state New York.  Their sheep are never fed antibiotics or hormones, and are “as pure as nature made them”.   Their website literally says, “We treat our sheep as the special beings they are and we respect the land that sustains them. In Summer the sheep graze 100 acres of lush native grasses and in Winter we feed them hay cut on the farm.”  So needless to say, this is some well-pampered ground lamb I’m working with.

chop the vegetables bake the meatballs The flavors I chose to go with the lamb are very Mediterranean and Greek influenced. Because when I think of lamb I immediately think Greek.  The actual meatballs are flavored very subtly, with fresh parsley, garlic and chopped red onion.  This allows you the enjoy the actual flavor of the lamb.
Greek yogurt and feta spread The real highlight of this meal is the feta and Greek yogurt spread I made to go with the lamb meatballs.  It was mind-blowingly good – So good I was eating it with a spoon right out of the food processor.  When paired with the lamb meatballs, this spread is simply awesome!   It’s creamy, cool, and tangy, and the saltiness of the feta helps add the right amount of flavor to complement the more mild lamb meatballs.

Lamb meatball sliders

My delicious meatballs were then wedged between fresh baguette slices that I cut up to make slider rolls, slathered with MUCHO feta-yogurt spread, and garnished with baby arugula, cucumber and tomato slices. I was THRILLED with the final product and the girls loved them!  We ate them all up and I licked up the remains of the feta-yogurt spread after they left. These lamb sliders are easy to make, delicious to eat, and the perfect meal for entertaining friends.  Enjoy!
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