Homemade Local Berry Mini Pop-Tarts

Homemade local berry pop-tarts

I’ve really had the urge to bake something sweet and not so healthy.  The problem is, I have very little patience for all the preciseness and measurement that goes into baking.  After trying to be buttoned up at work all day, the idea of measuring a perfect cup of flower kinda makes me want to vom.  So for me, baking simplicity is key and store-bought, refrigerated pie crust is one of my favorite pre-made products.  Sometimes I make my own crust, but the store-bought kind is just so easy and tempting to use.  And let’s face it, it tastes just as good and comes out looking ten times better than one that I rolled out myself.  For this Homemade Local Berry Mini Pop-Tarts recipe, a store-bought crust is actually ideal. You know how when you try and re-create a store-bought product at home and it just doesn’t taste the same?  Well, since we use a crust that is store-bought, and we are recreating store-bought Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, this semi-homemade recipe tastes pretty darn close to the real thing.  The real thing is one of Kellogg’s top sellers for a reason – Pop-Tarts are DELICIOUS!

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Ok, so I haven’t actually eaten a Pop-Tart since I was ten.  But right now people are all about eating the homemade version of store-bought packaged goods.  Wouldn’t you eat a homemade Oreo or Twinkie?  I think so!  A good example is Funfetti.  Funfetti was nothing special until Momofuku Milk Bar made their own version of the classic Funfetti cake.   They charge $38 for a 6′ cake that traditionally costs about $3.50 and people are going wild for it.  I’m talking wild in terms of brides by the hundreds having $1,000+ Momofuku funfetti cake tiers at their wedding.  So as hipster of me as this is, I think I’m on to something with this Homemade Local Berry Mini Pop-Tarts recipe (key words for the hipsters #local and #mini).  Ok, ok, ok I can’t call it my own because of the store-bought crust, but cut me some slack. I’m a working-woman, and so are you! (or boy)  The fact is, this recipe is so freakin’ good, so similar, and (I dare say) better than the store-bought Kellogg’s Pop-tart that you will delight every trend-seeker you serve it to!  Not to mention, one bite of these tasties and you are transported back to a world 10-20 years your junior.  Now who doesn’t need a little O’ that?!

pop-tart with berries

Another thing I don’t Love about baking is that by the time you’re done you’ve already licked the spoon, tasted the batter, the icing, the little tear off of piping-hot-right-out-of-the-oven, and once you actually taste the finished product you’ve lost your hankering for it.  It’s better when baked goods are baked for you.  So I brought a mountain of these Homemade Local Berry Mini Pop-Tarts to a very NYC dinner party.  And what I mean by “very nyc” is: friend of a friend, with a sick common roof deck, with a sick view, and we ordered tacos delivery, through Seamless, to the roof, because we can’t be bothered to pick up the phone or wait in the apartment for the delivery to come, + two bottles of wine per person with plastic cups donated by friend’s, bf’s, coffee company. On said rooftop we also made friends with cute boys who we charmed with these Homemade Local Berry Mini Pop-Tarts (I’ve always considered myself a great wing-woman).  And the general consensus is: THESE POP-TARTS ROCK!  So in conclusion, endorsement from wine-fortified pack of twenty-something-year-olds or not, this recipe is a MUST try.  And I didn’t even get a chance to rant about the local berry filling – just know that a Pop-Tart filled with the fresh, real thing is pretty out of this world.  Bake up and ENJOY!
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homemade local berry pop-tarts

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