Roasted Garlic & Heirloom Tomato Focaccia

Heirloom Tomato Focaccia Bread

There are a few things that make me feel like a real NYC local – like my weekly grocery shopping at the farmer’s market, taking a morning jog along the East river, the fact that the famous Joe’s Pizza is my local pizza joint, and using any NYC public space as an extension of my living room.  There’s a beautiful park with a big grass lawn close to my apartment that I sometimes use for al fresco dining in the summer.   My lack of personal outdoor space has been remedied many times by this park.  It’s lovely to be there with my fellow New Yorkers and bask in the novelty of sitting on a blanket in the grass in Manhattan.   So the other night when my friend and I decided to have dinner in the park I jumped at the chance to make us a picnic friendly dinner.  I had just been to the market and it’s heirloom tomato peek season.  They have gorgeous tomatoes in every shape, size, and color.  This Roasted Garlic & Heirloom Tomato Focaccia is extra sweet from the juicy, ripe tomatoes and perfect to for your next meal – picnic or not!

 garlic garlic and olive oil roasted garlic and tomato tomato bread

The secret to the success of this focaccia is the roasted garlic.  People are often intimidated by making roasted garlic but it’s actually really simple.  You literally chop the top off an entire head of garlic, douse it in olive oil, wrap it in tin foil, and roast it in the oven for an hour.  When it’s done the garlic cloves easily squeeze out of their skin and becomes this fragrant caramel colored garlic paste that is so soft you can spread it with a knife.  It’s really glorious.  It makes your whole apartment/house smell amazing and it’s super versatile.  You could spread it on steak as part of a marinade, mix it in with mashed potatoes, or spread it all over your focaccia dough for this Roasted Garlic & Heirloom Tomato Focaccia recipe – YUM!

tomato basil focaccia

This focaccia is so simple to make and really tasty.  Between the roasted garlic, the sweeeeet tomatoes, olive oil, and basil this recipe incorporates all the Italian basics in a creative and delicious way.  Did I mention that I served this with thick slices of fresh mozzarella?  With a crisp farmer’s market salad on the side?  And a bottle of Rose?  I even had cute plastic disposable wine glasses.  And the weather was perfect; warm, but cool enough to sit out, a beautiful sunset glow, and I only acquired one mosquito bite (yes we have mosquitoes in NYC and I’m convinced they’re mutant).  Needless to say this was one successful picnic and all the better because of this delicious new summertime recipe!
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Focaccia picnic

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