Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Prosciutto

goat cheese stuffed dates

This week at the farmer’s market I was disappointed when I saw that there are STILL no green, spring veggies for sale.  I was getting a little mopey until I passed by a goat cheese stand that had FREE SAMPLES.  By the time I tried every sample 3 times (the equivalent of a wheel of cheese) and completely reversed any progress I made from a week of spin classes – I had new goat cheese monger friends and the inspiration needed to get out of my funk.  I had my recipe idea of the week!   When I told the generous, sample giving, goat cheese mongers that I was going to make Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Prosciutto and drizzled with honey the reply was “that sounds incredible – when can we come over?”  I mean, the #1 way to this girls heart is with a wheel of cheese but I wasn’t quite ready to bring our relationship to that level.  BUT this recipe is officially Goat Cheese Aficionado Approved!  And Forage and the Feast approved too – because MY GOODNESS did it turn out well!

Goat cheese, dates, proscuitto

I am totally loving the flavor combinations and textures here.  These little bites manage to engage all of the tongue’s 5 tastes combining many strong and different flavors that work gloriously together.  The highlight is the tangy, creeaammy, fresh goat cheese stuffed in the sweet and nutty dates.  The prosciutto is all salty and smokey but doesn’t over power.  And finally the HONEY.  The sweet, calming flavor and textures of the honey drizzled right on top of these perfect little morsels neutralizes all the bold flavors and acts as the link  that brings everything together. YUM!

stuffed dates

See what my sacrifice of a week’s worth of spin class in exchange for free-goat-cheese-sample-gorging gets you?  An excuse to throw a party?  YES! Because your guests will LOVE these amazingly easy, insanely tasty bites!  Enjoy!
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Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates


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      I think fresh figs would be delicious!!! I will have to try that!


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