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Kale Caesar Salad with Crunchy Croutons

kale caesar salad

I find it really shocking that this is the first time I’ve made a Kale recipe for you.  A lot of people ask me after reading my posts “do you cook like that every night?”  Well the answer is, I cook “like that” at least 3 times a week.  Mon-Wed I usually cook, Thursdays are reserved for post-work happy hour that usually turns in to late night pizza, Friday and Saturday – being the weekend – are always toss ups, and Sunday, when I’m in the city I cook, or Chad and I will grab sushi on our way home from our weekend travels.  So the answer is – I eat well.  But I better eat well considering the amount of time per day that I devote to thinking about eating (like every second).  Chad often asks on a night I make a “regular” meal why I didn’t choose to photograph it for the blog.  Well I can’t photograph everything and sometimes the meals I make I consider to be run of the mill and not particularly special.  So what do I cook on my off nights from blogging?  Well most often, whatever it is, it involves Kale.  That’s why I’m so shocked that a Kale recipe has yet to grace the pages of this blog.  And there could be no other recipe to introduce my kale-loving self to you than this recipe for Kale Caesar Salad with Crunchy Croutons.

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Zesty Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

Wahoooo!!! This weekend is Memorial Day!!!  At long last it’s the official start of summer and beach and white clothing and outdoor barbecues!  It’s time for all New Yorkers to abandon the city and flock to their local beach.  For me that means the Jersey Shore and I will be celebrating the start of the season all weekend long.  What do you do on Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate? Drink lots of American beer and barbecue of course!  Being the grill-less city dweller that I am, Memorial Day Weekend is all about getting out of the city, getting my hands on a grill, and feasting on fresh grilled burgers, sausage, chicken, vegetables and fish… oh I can go on.  If that is not good enough, the sides that accompany all those delicious grilled foods are usually just as tasty.  There are so many different salads and sides you can make to go along with your BBQ and – oh my – do I have  a delicious recipe for you this MDW!  These Zesty Sweet Potato Fries are off the charts delicious and pair well with anything coming off your grill.  Did I mention they are super healthy too?  God Bless America!

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Roasted Maple Broccoli with Pancetta, Goat Cheese, & Pecans

Roasted Maple Broccoli You don’t often think of broccoli and maple as two things that go together.  But maple syrup, pancetta, pecans, and goat cheese – oh my!  In this recipe broccoli is a mere vehicle for everything delicious. What’s great about broccoli is that it soaks in any flavor that you want to add to it. Don’t you love the broccoli that comes in your Chinese take out? Well it’s because it soaks in all that Chinese-soy-garlic-y-goodness.
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Pomegranate Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Sun-chokes, Brussels, and Mushrooms

Pomegranate Glazed Pork Valentine’s Day is here and I can’t help but look back on my first Valentine’s Day with Chad.  I was a senior in college and Chad, a year older than me, had recently moved to New York.  We googled “best restaurant to spend Valentine’s Day in NYC,” chose a restaurant, and made reservations a month in advance.  I got all dressed up, drove in from school, and when we arrived at the restaurant we were a little bit shocked – the adorable West Village restaurant was turned into a Valentines day madhouse.  It was way over-packed – I swear they squeezed a few extra tables into an already cramped space.  But worst of all, the place was covered with every cheesy Valentine’s Day decoration that you can buy at Duane Reade.  There were pink and red glittery cupids and heart balloons all over the place.  The meal was a special pre-fixed menu that was way expensive and not all that inspiring.  To top it off, the service sucked.  After this, we decided to save our special dining-out-dinner for another night and make a Valentine’s dinner at home.  That was seven Valentine’s Days ago, and since then we’ve made some really delicious meals.
This Valentine’s Day I’ve got you covered!  This Pomegranate Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Sun-chokes, Brussels, and Mushrooms recipe will save you from the dining-out Valentine’s Day madness and is simple enough that it will leave lots of time for romance! xo

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Smashed Whole Potato Chips

Smashed whole potato chips

When you were a kid didn’t you wish you could eat potato chips for dinner?
“Forget those mushy potatoes Ma, I want some Lay’s Ruffles on the side of my pot roast!” Come on, wouldn’t that be your 10-year-old-self’s dream come true?

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