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Crab Avocado Toast Bites

crab avocado toast bites

For those of you who are on Instagram you know that food porn is one of the most Instagrammed subjects out there.  If you’re like me and exclusively follow other food fanatics you start to pick up on food trends.  What is getting people excited lately?  Avocado Toast.  Not what your were expecting right?  Avocado Toast is ALL OVER Instagram.  What is an Avocado Toast?  It’s a piece of toasted sandwich bread with avocado mashed onto it.  Some people even get pretty fancy and use different flavors, garnishes, or even add a runny fried egg on top.  As odd as it sounds, Avocado Toast actually looks pretty tasty and my every five minute work breaks to “snack” on these Insta-avo-toast pics are making me hungry.   Actually,  I find myself craving a food that I have yet to try!  The wonders of the “www”, people, the wonders!  As you know, I’m all about keeping up with the trends so this week I’m riding the wave of Avocado Toast!

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Shrimp & Fiddlehead Quinoa Bowl

Shrimp & Fiddlehead Quinoa Bowl

A month or so ago I read an article in Bon Appetit about what Millennials like to eat and drink.  Being a Millennial myself I was curious to see what the Great Bon Appetit had to say about our daily food and beverage consumption.  As always they were spot on – basically we “cherish the dining experience,” demand “transparency and authenticity,”  and our “expensive,” more “decadent” tastes are “influencing the food scene in some pretty large cities.”  That would explain all these food trends that I am a total sucker for.  Every restaurant has to have kale, brussel sprouts, Quinoa, Sriracha, pork belly, etc on the menu, and you better believe every Millennial has them stocked in their kitchen.   Being the trendy Millennial sucker that I am, I have at least four different kinds of Quinoa on hand at all times and it’s about time that I make you some!  This Shrimp & Fiddlehead Quinoa Bowl will have you tweeting about #Qunioa  and #Fiddleheads ( @foragethefeast  !!!) before you know it!

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Steamed Clams and Mussels in a Spicy, Herb, White Bean, Red Sauce

clams and mussels Sometimes the city gets to be a little much and I just need to GET OUT.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but sometimes I need to breath in fresh air and exist in a space that is larger than the size of a coat closet.  So last weekend I hopped over the Hudson and visited my parents in New Jersey.  Many people think NJ is made up of 100% oil refineries and mob owned “Badda Bings”.  Yes, those do exist, but there are actually some really beautiful rural parts of the state, one of them being the town my parents live in.  The highlight of going home, for me, is their kitchen.  It’s 10 TIMES larger than my little shoebox kitchen and there is every culinary gadget you’d ever need.  Plus my mom and I love cooking together.  So this week I’m serving you this AWESOME Clams and Mussels recipe fresh from the Garden State!
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Roasted Cod with Fennel, Grape Tomatoes, and Olives

roasted cod and farro

I’m going to make a profound statement:

You can make a restaurant quality meal that is healthier and more delicious for under $10 per serving in only 20 minutes.

Yes I said it!
I love to go out to eat as much as anyone, especially living in New York where there are more amazing restaurants than you could ever visit in a lifetime.  But, restaurants are expensive and last year was a big year for me.  Between the wedding, the honeymoon, and the holidays, I need to conserve my cash.  I’m also desperately trying to stave off the “newlywed nine,” and the extra butter and salt that restaurants tend to take such liberties with are probably not the best for me right now.  The problem is, no matter how expensive and unhealthy restaurants may be, eating out is still fun, delicious and much easier than making an intense and messy meal at home.  Well, I’m here to solve all your problems people!  This Roasted Cod with Fennel, Grape Tomatoes, and Olives is as good as any $30 restaurant entree and cost me less than $10 per serving.  It’s also mess-free, super healthy, and beyond delicious!

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