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Potato Pigskin Bites

Potato Pigskin Bites I know I’ve been VERY MIA lately, I’m feeling pretty bad about it.  With my new job and new apartment I’ve been super busy and preoccupied.  So I am grateful to Super Storm Juno or #whatabustblizzard for giving me a bonus day where I can catch up on everything I’ve been behind on.  And that means some time for Forage and the Feast.  It’s perfect timing because the Super Bowl is this Sunday and I have the absolute perfect recipe for you to make for your party.  I call these Potato Pigskin Bites – pigskin, well, because they’re for football and there’s bacon involved and the Potato part is the same recipe as my Smashed Whole Potato Chips that I posted last year.  Basically I took all the flavors and ingredients that go into a potato skin and turned them into little bites perfect for passing out during your Super Bowl festivities. Continue reading

Zesty Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

Wahoooo!!! This weekend is Memorial Day!!!  At long last it’s the official start of summer and beach and white clothing and outdoor barbecues!  It’s time for all New Yorkers to abandon the city and flock to their local beach.  For me that means the Jersey Shore and I will be celebrating the start of the season all weekend long.  What do you do on Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate? Drink lots of American beer and barbecue of course!  Being the grill-less city dweller that I am, Memorial Day Weekend is all about getting out of the city, getting my hands on a grill, and feasting on fresh grilled burgers, sausage, chicken, vegetables and fish… oh I can go on.  If that is not good enough, the sides that accompany all those delicious grilled foods are usually just as tasty.  There are so many different salads and sides you can make to go along with your BBQ and – oh my – do I have  a delicious recipe for you this MDW!  These Zesty Sweet Potato Fries are off the charts delicious and pair well with anything coming off your grill.  Did I mention they are super healthy too?  God Bless America!

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American Shepherd’s Pie

American Shepherd's Pie

St Patty’s Day is Monday and I’ve done my fair share of all-day marathon St Patty’s Day celebrations, but on a Monday?  I just don’t have that kind of stamina anymore!  I mean, I’m not actually Irish, but I am a redhead and green looks good on me so I feel that I need to commemorate the day.  Since it’s on #buzzkill Monday and I’m not the sprightly young 21-year-old I once was, I will need to take it down a notch. What better way to do so than with food!?  The problem is, I’ve had very bad experiences with St Patty’s- themed dinners.  When I was a kid my mom would make corned beef and cabbage, the BAIN of my existence.  I couldn’t stand the smell or the look of it, let alone the taste. I would fill up on Irish soda bread and then be starving later in the night.  I desperately need some Irish deliciousness in my life and this recipe for American Shepherd’s Pie is the pot of gold at then end of the St.-Patty’s-Day-is-on-Monday rainbow!
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Beet & Potato Hash

Beets for brunch

One of the things NYC does very well is brunch.  It’s something that every New Yorker loves to do whether its an all you can drink boozy brunch with friends, a fancy brunch at one of the city’s fine dining restaurants, or a celeb spotting brunch at a famous “to-be-seen” restaurant hoping to get a seat next to Uma Thurman (yes! that happened to me!).  Regardless of where you go, NYC’s restaurants produce some of the most delicious, satisfying breakfasts around.  However, New York in January is cold and windy, and if it’s not snowing it’s sleet-raining. We’re even dealing with the newly-branded “Polar Vortex”!  It’s not even the end of the month yet and I’ve gone through approximately 3 umbrellas and the rubber on my Hunter rain-boots is starting to disintegrate!  So this weekend instead of schlepping through this nasty weather with my weekend wine headache, rain boots, and broken umbrella, I thought it would be a bright idea to cook brunch in!  Besides, all those years attending Lehigh University’s pre-football morning cocktails taught me how to make a mean mimosa, and I am doing this whole food blog thing – What do I have to lose?

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The Ultimate Beet Pizza

Beet Pizza

This week is the week of beets!

Why?  Because over the weekend my girl at the Norwich Meadow Farm stand in Union Square told me the most mind blowing thing – YOU CAN EAT BEET GREENS!  And not only can you eat them, but they are very similar to kale and chard!  How did I not know this!?  Did you know this?

After making this discovery I went a little beet-crazy and bought two giant bunches of red and golden beets.  So, this week I have two delicious beet recipes to share and we will find out just how many beets one girl can eat.

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Smashed Whole Potato Chips

Smashed whole potato chips

When you were a kid didn’t you wish you could eat potato chips for dinner?
“Forget those mushy potatoes Ma, I want some Lay’s Ruffles on the side of my pot roast!” Come on, wouldn’t that be your 10-year-old-self’s dream come true?

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Roasted Parsnip Puree

Roasted Parsnip Puree

Now I know what you’re saying, “What is this silly girl thinking starting a blog about fresh farmer’s market foods in the Northeast, in January – don’t you realize how cold it is out there?!”  Well, yes, 49 states did reach the freezing point yesterday – I never said this was going to be easy!  But you know what?  I just got back from my first official visit to the market and found that I’ve got a surprising amount to work with.  And besides, this is a great time for us to get acquainted.  By the time the first spring crops start rolling in we will be old pals and imagine the excitement we will experience together (my gosh I can hardly wait!)!  But for now, I will earn your confidence and loyalty the hard way. WEEK ONE, RECIPE ONE: Roasted Parsnip Puree!

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