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Chicken Asparagus Enchiladas

Chicken Asparagus EnchiladasChicken Asparagus Enchiladas

Cinco de Mayo was this week and to me it marks the start of tropical beverage drinking season. It’s usually the first Margarita of the year, hence a reason to celebrate.  But, like this year’s St. Patties day, Cinco de Mayo fell on a Monday, and for me it was a Monday of a VERY busy work week.  I had to curb my Margarita intake a touch more than usual.  However, I found that this self-inflicted Monday sobriety left a clear head for feasting creativity!  AND Guess what, the market FINALLY has green veggies this week!!!  I was just getting to the point where I could never look at a root vegetable again when I spotted tables, no mountains full of fresh, beautiful, spectacular ASPARAGUS!  Imagine my excitement!  I manically grabbed as many different asparagus varieties as I could and ran home to start cooking.  This week’s recipe comes to you with extra love and enthusiasm because ‘1st Margarita day of the year’ + ‘Finally fresh green produce at the market’ = Chicken Asparagus Enchiladas!

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Avocado Chicken Salad

chicken salad sandwich Everyone loves chicken salad.  It’s a lunch time staple that can be found in every bodega-deli-cafe in all sorts of tasty varieties.  The #1 ingredient that makes all chicken salads so delicious and beloved by all is the MAYO!  It’s creamy and delicious and wonderful, but like everything that’s creamy and delicious and wonderful it’s not so good for you.  With Memorial Day weekend less than one month away (AHHH!!) I need to consider curbing my mayo intake and that means no chicken salad until after bikini season (sigh).  I’m usually not one to deprive myself of anything delicious so I devised this recipe so I could have my chicken salad and my bikini too!

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