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Green Goddess Salmon Salad

Green Goddess Salmon

The whole salad-for-dinner concept and I have recently become friends again.  You see, back in college I thought that a great way to counteract the over consumption of cheap beer and late night pizza binges would be to eat salads every. single. night. for dinner.  So, every single night I would make a large meal sized salad with lots of different meats and veggies.  And no matter how many different varieties I ate they all started tasting the same.  To make matters worse, the fact that I ate a salad for dinner didn’t really counteract those late night nacho runs to my sorority’s industrial sized (and stocked) kitchen.   So after college, just as I never thought I would eat another nacho again, I couldn’t fathom even one bite of a salad for dinner.  Besides, I was now poor and eggs and PB&J became my new diet.   As the years went by I (unfortunately very quickly) rediscovered my taste for nachos and more recently started to get back in to eating salad as my main meal again.  Just not every single night!  I don’t know if it’s the Chop’t that opened underneath my office or my more frequent trips to the farmer’s market giving me access to fresh greens but I am totally back into salads.  And now that salads are back, my creative juices are flowing again and boy do I have a salad for you!  This Green Goddess Salmon salad certainly puts all those collegiate salads to shame!

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