The Best Carrot Cake Ever

carrot cake cupcakes

Easter is this weekend and it’s about time that I share with you a very special family recipe.  I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the Best Carrot Cake Recipe EVER.  I’ve been eating this carrot since cake before I could walk and it’s my birthday cake every year.  The recipe is SO perfect that I only eat this carrot cake – all other versions pale in comparison.  So instead of making you read paragraph upon paragraph about how I DREAM day and night about this cake and how it will most likely change your whole outlook on life and on cake in general, just do yourself one big favor and make this cake.  I promise you will never eat any other version of carrot cake again!

carrot cake cupcakes

carrot cake batter carrot cake batter carrot cake batter carrot cake batter

I can’t even take credit for this cake-recipe-masterpiece.   All the credit goes to the Silver Palate Cook Book and my mom for making it 100+ times over the years and tweaking it to exactly my liking.  The result? PERFECTION.  This cake not only has carrots but it also has pineapple, coconut, walnuts, and raisins all combined together to make a moist, dense, delicious cake that is bursting with texture and flavor.  And it is all blanketed under a fluffy, whipped, cream cheese frosting that has slight hints of vanilla and lemon.  I’m telling you, it is Heaven!

cup cakes  ice the cupcakes cream cheese icing  ice the cupcakes

So stop everything right now and make this carrot cake before you lose another day of your life without it.  And I know, my timing is impeccable – Easter is this weekend and what better than to serve your family and friends the most delicious carrot cake anyone has ever tasted.  The Easter Bunny likes carrots and you will LOVE this carrot cake!

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One thought on “The Best Carrot Cake Ever

  1. Mary wehler

    Ok Leigh, even after taking two little girls to the park, to the toy store, to an Easter egg hunt, I came home and started to bake.

    Well, we just tasted the best ever carrot cake and you were right,
    Life will never be the same!

    Thanks for sharing your talents and culinary expertise, have enjoyed trying several of your recipes.
    Keep up the good work and remember that age old saying, ” the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

    Love you,

    Aunt Mary


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